Moving to Humboldt

General Moving Tips

moving-tipsSecurity deposits are steep! Landlords are skeptical, no matter who you are, worried that you might turn their property into a grow operation. Expect to pay, on average, double the amount of rent as a security deposit and almost all landlords, whether private or a management company, will do a background check on you.

Humboldt County, home of Humboldt State University, is famous for marijuana growing, cultivation, and culture.

Humboldt County is also famous for the trees, including Avenue of the Giants. There is no shortage of outdoor activities within minutes/hours!

It is hard to find a place that will accept pets. If you can find a place, it may cost even more to rent there.

How to Find Housing

-Map of Humboldt County Towns
HSU Guide to Off-Campus Housing

How much should I expect to pay? Check out the Housing Authority of the City of Eureka

How do I choose a location?
There are three cities where most people live: Arcata, Eureka and McKinleyville

Arcata: Home of HSU
Pros: Walking distance from campus (most neighborhoods)
Cons: Very few shopping options

Eureka: 7 miles South of Arcata
Pros: Closest to most of the shopping (Bayshore Mall, Target, Costco)
Cons: You will need transportation to get to campus

McKinleyville: 6 miles North of Arcata
Pros: Quick access to the ocean
Cons: You will need transportation to get to campus; feels pretty suburban

Other possible areas to consider:
Manila/Samoa: Very close to water, relatively cheap rents, not a long commute to campus

Other considerations when choosing an area:

Public Transportation

Jack Pass: All HSU students will have unlimited free ride access on the Redwood Transit System (RTS) buses, which serve the Route 101 corridor from Trinidad to Scotia, including Valley East and Valley West in Arcata, the Eureka Transit System (ETS) buses which serve the city of Eureka and Arcata & Mad River Transit System (A&MRTS) which serves the Arcata area. Currently registered students simply slide their HSU student identification card through the bus fare box and receive a free ride.

How can I get free/cheap stuff?

Craigslist – furniture

In person
Humboldt County thrift stores

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