The Sociology Department

Who Does What?

  • Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Meredith Williams
    See her when you have questions about the graduate program.
  • Academic Support Coordinator: Alicia Persson
    See her when you have administrative/clerical-related questions about the department.
  • Department Chair: Dr. Jennifer Eichstedt


Computer labs

  • BSS 416: Access to Atlas.ti (qualitative software) and SPSS (quantitative software).
    If you need after hours access to this lab, contact the Graduate Coordinator
  • HSU Library

Good places to study

  • BSS 539: Graduate student lounge – has a library, 2 tables and 2 desks – often empty and quiet, but can get full and a little loud, depending on time in the semester


A guide to the jargon you will likely hear around the Department.

Other Stuff

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